Let’s Read

Reading directly impacts that direction and progress of our lives. Let’s read more. Let’s read the Bible. Let’s read stories to our children. Let’s read the Classics. When we are done, let’s read some more.

It is my heart’s desire to delve into the classics in these next years. As my middle child is beginning high school and my youngest is learning more and more, I am committed to this philosophy of education.

I am also fully aware that in order for Brighten A Corner to continue, I must become a better leader, and there is no way to do that unless I avidly read.

What books are you favorites? Do you have reading goals? PLEASE share. Inspire. I WANT a thriving community of readers around me. Here I go:

1000 Gifts

Ann Voskamp is an amazing voice within the Christian community. In One Thousand Gifts she tells some of her own story of how counting gifts from God, even–perhaps especially–the seemingly insignificant helped her overcome. Her writing style is distinctly hers, and took me a bit to acclimate myself to, but it was so worth it. Her depth inspires. Her blog A Holy Experience often serves as my daily devotional.



Love Does

Love Does by Bob Goff was recommended by a dear friend. This picture shows roughly how many copies I have given away. Bob is a master story teller with amazing stories to tell. In many ways this is the story of him changing his mind about what life with Jesus really looks like. The subtitle of each chapter follows the pattern of “I used to think ______________, but now I know _______________.” The chapters are short, entertaining and make beautiful points about growth and faith.



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