Let’s Gather

Let’s gather around the table more to eat; to learn; to laugh and to grow. Let’s gather with friends, family and our Bibles. For the last few years I have gathered with a few friends every month to six weeks for

Let’s Read

Reading directly impacts that direction and progress of our lives. Let’s read more. Let’s read the Bible. Let’s read stories to our children. Let’s read the Classics. When we are done, let’s read some more. It is my heart’s desire

Let’s Talk

I am so tired of dots that don’t connect; lives that lack depth and sincerity; thoughts that are not well thought through. I want feet to my faith. I want to encourage others to do the same. I love www.brightenacorner.com,

Let's Chat

Around the table, in the park, at the beach, after church. Let's laugh and share and be real.