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I am so tired of dots that don’t connect; lives that lack depth and sincerity; thoughts that are not well thought through. I want feet to my faith. I want to encourage others to do the same.

I love www.brightenacorner.com, the ministry of my heart that I started over a dozen years ago, but I am itching in other directions.

LOVE teaching Bible Study and sharing stories about putting feet to faith. I love making women laugh and most of all think. 


In January we are bringing in apologist, Mary Jo Sharp, to key note a conference for women who want to know how to have deep conversations about faith. We are exciting to hear what she has to say, and to hear from local women teaching breakout classes on controversial and important topics.

To have me come share with your group or church about the beauty of the Bible or Brighten  Corner Ministry, you can contact me here: [email protected]



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