Share Four Somethings

I can’t believe I haven’t written since May.


It has been an unusual season…

Every month my online friend, Heather, hosts a link up where we share SOMETHING LOVED, SOMETHING READ, SOMETHING TREASURED, and SOMETHING AHEAD.

It is a great practice of reflection, and (when I am paying attention) gives me something to write about.

Something Loved

I loved my mom’s memorial service.

It was beautiful, and very appropriate for who she was.

I loved getting to see familiar faces.

Something Read

While on the plane home from California, I started this:

I am still numb after the loss of my mom, and distracted by trying to help my Dad, but I will be massively shifting to new priorities come January.

Homeschooling with excellence and consistency will be at the top of my list.

Something Treasured

My college student daughter spoke at her Jojo’s memorial service.

She was beautiful and eloquent and tender.

I was so proud.

(I do not currently have a photo of this…but will when the photographer send them to me.)

Something Ahead


Life without my mom.

Life without trying to help my mom die as comfortably as possible.


These are all things on the horizon.

My world is currently off-kilter, but I know this, too, shall pass.

I look forward to the future. I am grateful my mom is no longer suffering…but I lament the loss of her words and stories.

I BEGGED my mom to write her memoirs, and she never did…so my little family is learning how much we never knew and I am inspired to come back–even if just sharing FOUR SOMETHINGS–to put things down so that my kids will have them, someday, should they want them.